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At Walton we use SIMS Parent to enable you to:

  • View your child’s timetable
  • Access reports as soon as they are published and view previous reports
  • Keep contact and medical details up to date
  • Access information about your child’s attendance
  • See key events on the academy calendar

SIMS can be accessed via a web platform or by downloading the SIMS Parent app for tablets and mobile devices.

As your child is registered at Walton, you will be sent invitation details of how to log on to the website or app to start tracking your child’s progress at the academy.

If you haven’t received login details or experience any difficulties accessing SIMS Parent, please contact the academy at

How to access SIMS Parent

Once you have received your email invitation from Walton, you can follow these instructions to register.

Visit the SIMS Parent website and sign in choosing one of the account options.  If you do not have one of the accounts listed in the instructions, you can register for a Microsoft or Google account.

Download the app for Apple and Android devices







Read our guide to getting started with SIMS Parent here:

Parents Setup Guide SIMS Parent App

Already registered?

If you have already registered to use the app for a child within the school, you will automatically have access for all your children when logged in.

Visit the website here.

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