PIXL revision apps

All of the apps below require a username and password. Should you not have one, these can provided by your subject teacher or Mr Teece.

Year 11 study support

This section has been created to put all the support materials that are currently available to Year 11 in one place. All of these resources should be used to assist your final exam preparations.

WA – Year 11 plan students and parents 2019-20

View the revision and study support timetable below:





PiXL resources

Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC) – use these to quickly identify your gaps in understanding and knowledge.

Nutrition For Exam Days

Power to Perform Recipe Booklet  – A selection of purposely crafted meals designed to aid concentration, energy and stamina

Prepare to Perform Student Booklet  – Full of useful revision ideas and approaches

Prepare to Perform Daily Planner – Create and organise your own daily / weekly revision plan

A4 recipe poster

PiXL GCSE English literature – An Inspector Calls student booklet

Key stage 4 word list

PiXL Independence – A guide for parents/carers

PiXL cognitive load theory – A guide for parents/carers

PiXL GCSE PE – Applied anatomy student booklet

PiXL GCSE history – Medicine in Britain student booklet

PiXL GCSE English literature – Jekyll and Hyde student booklet

Useful revision websites – subject based



BBC Bitesize English Language

BBC Bitesize English Literature


BBC Bitesize Science




Anglo-Saxon and Norman Europe Revision Guide

British Sector of the Western Front Revision Booklet

Life in Nazi Germany Revision Guide

Medicine In Britain Revision Guide

The Rise of the Nazis Revision Guide

Weimar Germany Revision Guide


BBC Bitesize