We believe in offering our students a comprehensive education that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. Today, our performing arts enthusiasts, alongside aspiring healthcare professionals and those interested in public services, had the unique opportunity to attend a presentation by guest speaker Danny Ambler from the ATACC Group (anaesthesia trauma and critical care).

The ATACC course is renowned for its advanced prehospital and in-hospital care provider training, focusing on trauma and critical care. It offers candidates a chance to immerse themselves in realistic scenarios and environments, greatly enhanced by live actors and cutting-edge simulation technology.

One of the distinctive features of the ATACC course is its use of live actors in simulations. This element brings scenarios to life and adds the pressure that medical professionals might encounter when dealing with critically injured individuals. By participating as actors in these simulations, our performing arts students gain invaluable insight into the performance aspects of emergency scenarios and trauma management.

The ATACC course, hosted at the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Training site, has offered our students a remarkable opportunity to actively engage in these training sessions. We commend them for enthusiastically participating in such an enriching experience. Through initiatives like these, we support our students in gaining valuable skills and knowledge, showcasing our commitment to their success at Walton Academy.