A Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC) helps to ensure that staff and students have an understanding of their particular subject and know exactly what they need to teach/learn. The PLC does this by listing the key areas of knowledge and  understanding needed for a student to be successful in an examination at a particular level or grade.

These PLCs should be used to aid revision and address gaps in student learning on an ongoing basis. Please find below the PLCs for the current Year 11:

Art PLC January-February 2023

Art PLC February 2023 until exam


Dance – General

Dance – Own work

Dance – A Linha Curva

Dance – Artificial Things

Dance – Emancipation of Expressionism

Dance – Infra

Dance – Shadows

Dance – Within Her Eyes


DT Food

DT Textiles

English Language

English Literature

MFL Theme 1

MFL Theme 2

MFL Theme 3


Health and social care component 2 A&B

Health and social care component 3 A&B

History – American West

History – Anglo Saxon & Norman England

History – Germany

History – Medicine in Britain


Maths – Foundation

Maths – Higher


PE Edexcel


Philosophy & Ethics – Christianity

Philosophy & Ethics – Judaism

Philosophy & Ethics