At Walton, the development of literacy skills for all our students is of paramount importance. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are integral to students’ success in the curriculum but also, in forming well-rounded individuals who can feel confident in the world around them.
Communication, in any form, holds the key to success in life and it is for this reason Walton proudly gives all students ample opportunities to practise these important skills in all lessons. Improving literacy skills opens the door to independent working allowing students to take responsibility for their own learning and education. This ownership automatically gives students a sense of purpose and has a great impact on self-esteem, motivation, behaviour and attainment.


The development of numeracy skills for all our students is of paramount importance. Walton’s curriculum is underpinned with developing students’ skills in numeracy. All teachers are teachers of numeracy. As such, the staff of Walton are committed to developing numeracy skills in all of our students, in the belief that it will support their learning, raise standards across the curriculum and prepare students for life after school.

Our intent is to:

  •  Promote students’ knowledge of and facility with numbers, including application, to cope with the cognitive demands of subjects
  • Develop logical thinking through numeracy in order to solve a wide range of problems
  • Improve numeracy in order to have an impact on students’ self esteem, motivation and behaviour, allowing them to learn independently
  • Develop students’ confidence and ability to express themselves
  • Support the staff team to implement effective numeracy development and wider achievement across the academy.