At the academy, we are determined to do all we can to help our students maximise their life chances and encouraging good attendance is clearly a vital element in this respect. Staff at our academy work closely with students and parents/carers where we feel that attendance issues are creating barriers.

Besides the benefits of learning important social skills, regular school attendance leads to the best educational outcomes for our children.


Parents and carers should be aware of changes within the local authority regarding unauthorised absence from school, which were effective from September 2015.

The academy is not able to authorise absence from school for holidays. Absences for other reasons can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Requests for these must be in writing to the Principal.

Periods of unauthorised absence may lead to warning letters or penalty notices (fines) being issued by the local authority to the parents of each student concerned.

Parents are advised to check the school website for term dates before booking holidays as these differ from Lincolnshire County Council.

We place a strong emphasis on outstanding attainment at Walton. This is why we go to great lengths to encourage our students and parents to keep up high attendance levels, and offer support in whatever way we can.

Walton Good Attendance Guide for Students

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You can find a copy of our behaviour policy on this page.