Last night’s open evening saw a fantastic turnout, with families and their children exploring the vibrant environment of our academy. There was a range of activities and information on offer, and it was a joy to witness the engagement and enthusiasm of everyone involved.

Our principal’s welcome talk set the tone for the evening, highlighting what makes Walton Academy a special place. The warmth and friendliness of our staff and students were evident, and the feedback we received reflects this sentiment perfectly.

Visitors were treated to a variety of interactive and educational activities, showcasing the unique and dynamic environment at Walton Academy. Highlights included a fun exploration of Shakespearean insults, creative activities such as designing animals for Noah’s Ark, and historical journeys through medieval medicine and the interactive Doomsday Book. Engaging mathematical challenges with Numeracy Ninjas added to the excitement. Our musical theatre students delivered captivating performances, while diverting dissections fascinated children and their families alike. Additionally, our Walton Book Giveaway—our way of giving back to the community—was a hit, with many children happily choosing and enjoying new books.

The feedback from the evening has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the wonderful comments we received:

“Very welcoming environment, friendly staff and students, all the questions I had were answered.”
“Brilliant open evening.”
“The students were really helpful in showing us around and telling us about the school.”
“Great variety of activities, staff and students were very helpful.”
“Well presented school with plenty of activities going on this evening.”
“The information from the support team was excellent.”
“Friendly staff and students.”
“Great school, a great feel to it.”
“Positive behaviour from students and great information.”
“We were really impressed with the students who were performing.”
“Very welcoming and a nice vibe!”
“Great school, you can feel the relaxed and supportive environment.”
“Was a lovely experience and really enjoyed looking around.”
“Loved the tasters from the canteen.”
“Super open evening, everyone was very welcoming. Excellent behaviour from students and staff, we will now consider this school.”
“Lovely and helpful staff.”
“Very friendly and helpful students.”
“Really welcoming and reassuring.”
“The grounds looked lovely.”
“It was a truly brilliant open evening.”

We are incredibly grateful to all the families and their children who attended the event. Your presence and participation made the evening special, and we hope you enjoyed exploring what Walton Academy has to offer.