On Wednesday 29 November, the Walton Academy community gathered to applaud the remarkable achievements of the 2022-2023 year 11 students. Families, friends, and faculty joined together to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the graduates.

The evening showcased the presentation of several prestigious awards, each representing a unique aspect of achievement and contribution to the Walton community. A notable highlight was the Carole Plummer Award, dedicated to commemorating the love of English by former student Carole Plummer. This annual recognition celebrates a student’s commitment to the study of English, often acknowledging those who have overcome adversity to make significant improvements in their language and literature studies. The recipient of the Carole Plummer Award is Maria W.

A poignant moment followed with the Sophie Lappin Award, honouring a student who embodied the values upheld at Walton Academy. Sophie, remembered as a fabulous young person, left a lasting impression on the community through her kindness and helpful nature. This award not only pays respects to Sophie but also recognises the capacity of young people to support each other and contribute positively to their community. Emily J stood out as a deserving achiever of the Sophie Lappin Award, embodying the values upheld at Walton Academy.

The memory of Evelyn Gibson, a local young person who tragically lost her battle with mental illness in the spring of 2022, was honoured with the Evelyn Gibson Cup of Kindness. This award, given in Evelyn’s memory, is part of the Evelyn’s Butterfly Effect initiative, emphasising the transformative power of kindness. The Evelyn Gibson Cup of Kindness found its deserving recipient in Kim K-S.

The evening reached its pinnacle with the presentation of the Buttery Cup, awarded to the Outstanding Student of the Year for 2022-2023. Sponsored by former Chair of Governors, Mr Brian Buttery, this accolade recognises not only a student’s academic achievements but also their consistent outstanding contributions to the Walton community throughout their time at the academy. The Buttery Cup was proudly presented to Grace D.

In addition to the special awards, recognitions for outstanding academic achievements went to Rosie S, Charlotte B, Grace D and Natalie R. Excellence awards were bestowed upon Freya I and Kim K-S, while positive contributions were acknowledged in Elijah M. Outstanding progress was celebrated on behalf of Juliet S, Alissia R, Ava W, and Chelsea H. Grace M received the Courage award.

Distinguished guests added prestige to the occasion, with the presence of the Mayor of Grantham, Councillor Mark Whittington, and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Charmaine Morgan. Mrs Karin Hardy represented the academy’s board of governors, and Chief Education Officer Mr Neil Holmes represented Diverse Academies. Additionally, Mr. Buttery, the former Chair of Governors, contributed to acknowledging these remarkable achievements within the Walton community.

The atmosphere of the evening was elevated by musical performances curated by Mr David Warman and skilfully presented by the talented year 10 music students. The lively samba drumming band and a captivating solo piece, seamlessly combining singing and piano playing, added a harmonious touch to the festivities.

As the evening concluded, the Walton Academy community celebrated not only academic success but also the values of kindness, community contribution, and the enduring spirit of those who have left a lasting impact on the academy. Congratulations resonated through the hall as the graduates took home well-deserved awards, and the community looks forward to another year of inspiring achievements.