On Friday 10 November, Walton Academy’s religious education department hosted a special visit from Greenpeace UK’s Monica Pallis. Monica actively participated in an engaging session with students from year 10 GCSE religious studies, as well as A level students studying geography and philosophy and ethics.

The focus of the talk centred on critical issues such as plastic pollution, climate change, and the concept of stewardship. Monica passionately discussed the changes that individuals can make in their daily lives to reduce plastic consumption.

Following the talk, an engaging workshop allowed students to work collaboratively in teams. The task was to plan an event aimed at raising awareness of the challenges posed by plastic pollution. Each team presented their creative ideas to the entire group, fostering a dynamic exchange of perspectives and solutions.

The session provided a platform for students to express their thoughts and feelings about these critical environmental issues. Moreover, it inspired them to contemplate their individual roles in addressing the challenges discussed by Monica Pallis.

Walton Academy is committed to providing students with enriching experiences that broaden their horizons and empower them to contribute positively to global challenges. The visit from Greenpeace UK exemplifies our dedication to fostering awareness and action on crucial environmental matters.