Interactive Theatre Workshop
Exploring Bugsy Malone
Wednesday 20 March 2024

In the wake of an electrifying opening night at Walton Theatre for Bugsy Malone, Walton Academy continued its artistic celebration with an interactive theatre workshop. This engaging event not only showcases the school’s dedication to the arts but also underscores its commitment to fostering community ties and nurturing talent. As the curtains fell on last night’s Bugsy Malone performance, anticipation lingered in the air for today’s interactive theatre workshop. Welcoming pupils from Cliffedale Primary School, the workshop served as a vibrant extension of the Bugsy Malone experience, offering young minds an immersive journey into the world of performing arts.

Against the backdrop of Bugsy Malone’s iconic scenes and infectious melodies, Cliffedale Primary School’s year 5 and year 6 students participated in a series of workshops encompassing singing, dancing, and acting. Guided by Walton Academy’s performing arts team and members of the Bugsy Malone cast, participants embarked on a creative exploration, developing their skills and unleashing their imaginations.

One of the highlights of the workshop was undoubtedly the splurge and custard pie segment, which brought excitement and laughter as the children watched on while two lucky participants took charge of the splurge guns and another two eagerly accepted the honour of wielding custard pies, all aimed playfully at their lead teacher, Mr. Murphy!

Walton Academy extends its appreciation to Cliffedale Primary School for their enthusiastic participation and to all involved in making the workshop a resounding success. From the talented cast and performing arts team to the eager participants, each played a vital role in fostering a sense of community spirit and artistic exploration.

As Bugsy Malone continues its run, Walton Academy remains committed to fostering creativity and community bonds. Through initiatives like the interactive theatre workshop, the school inspires young minds and celebrates the transformative power of the arts. This aligns with Walton’s recent Artsmark Gold Award, highlighting its dedication to artistic expression. Such initiatives, including Primary Connections, reinforce Walton’s position as a leader in arts education and community engagement.