Walton Academy participated in Bookbuzz, a reading programme designed to cultivate the love of reading among students aged 11 to 13 years old.  BookTrust, the UK’s largest reading charity, reaches millions of children every year with books through its Bookbuzz initiative.

In September, our year 7 students were presented with a selection of 16 carefully curated books by BookTrust and given the task of choosing one book each. The clear favourite among them was Dread Wood, a high-school horror story brimming with suspense, scares, and unexpected twists. The diverse range of books included The Rise of the School for Good and Evil, delving into the origins of fairy tales; Super Sidekicks, a graphic novel combating a plastic monster threatening the world’s oceans, and; The Awesome Book of Animals, packed with fascinating facts, such as the quirky incidents of raining frogs in Japan and jellyfish in the UK.

The anticipation came to fruition a few weeks ago when the eagerly awaited books arrived. Students were thrilled with their chosen reads and wasted no time diving into the captivating worlds within the pages.

In a generous gesture, BookTrust has provided Walton Academy with two copies of each book to place in our library, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to explore these literary treasures. This initiative not only encourages individual reading but also fosters a community of book lovers within our school.