Last night, the year 11 students of Walton Academy celebrated their prom at the Belton Woods Hotel. The evening was a great success! The students, dressed in their finest attire, enjoyed a memorable night marking the culmination of their hard work and dedication over the past five years.

The event highlighted the lively spirit of our year 11 cohort. The evening began with a refreshing mocktail, allowing students to mingle and create lasting memories with friends and teachers. The sit-down dinner that followed was well-received. As the night progressed, the dance floor became the focal point, with students dancing and enjoying each other’s company.

Principal Jess Leonard, along with many dedicated staff members, attended the event, providing support and joining in the celebrations. Their presence was a reminder of the strong community that defines Walton Academy.

We wish you happiness, health, and success in all your future endeavours. Well done, Class of 2024 – you have made us proud! We look forward to seeing you on results day on Thursday 22 August 2024.