Post 16 team

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Mrs Jenny Sharp
Assistant Principal, Post 16

It is my pleasure to lead Post 16 and I am delighted that you are considering further education with us. Students at Walton Post 16 enjoy a vast array of leadership opportunities including Student Subject Leaders, Post 16 Committee and Student Academic Mentors. As part of their wider enrichment, students can take advantages of leadership opportunities, work experience, community links, cultural trips and extra-curricular clubs.  We offer a bespoke programme of advice and guidance that informs students about future pathways including higher education and apprenticeships. Our dedicated team is relentless in ensuring an effective climate for learning to make sure that all students reach their full potential. We look forward to welcoming you at our open evening or for one of our ‘Talk and Tour’ events.

Miss Fran Gilbert
Deputy, Post 16

Welcome to Walton Post 16. I am delighted to be part of the Post 16 staff and I am looking forward to helping you all to develop your knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve whilst at Walton and beyond. We are dedicated to ensuring academic and vocational excellence, and as Assistant Head of Post 16, I will be driving forward scholastic excellence in order to ensure that you get the best out of your Post 16 experience. We offer a range of pathways and excellent careers guidance in order to ensure that you leave with the most suitable qualifications and work experience. At Walton we care about your bespoke needs and have an exceptional student support provision to guide you through your Walton experience. Your success is our main priority.

A dedicated Post 16 team

Here at Walton, we have a dedicated Post 16 tutor team, a progress mentor and a careers advisor. Our fantastic team of Post 16 form tutors carry out our bespoke pastoral program over the academic year. This includes folder checks and individual mentoring sessions to ensure all students are on track.

If you have any questions about Post 16 opportunities at Walton, please contact our sixth form administrator Abbie Scarborough – email:

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