Black History Month is a significant event, providing an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the profound contributions of black individuals. While black people have played a crucial role in driving social justice movements, their remarkable achievements, especially those of black women, have often been overshadowed. This year, Walton Academy joined in celebrating the exceptional accomplishments of black women under the theme “Saluting Our Sisters.”

The chosen theme aims to highlight the pivotal role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities. Black History Month 2023 pays tribute to pioneering black women who have made remarkable contributions in various fields, including literature, music, fashion, sports, business, politics, academia, health and social care, and more.

Our students actively engaged in various activities, honouring black culture and the accomplishments of black women throughout history. Notable examples include literary explorations in English, with year 9 students studying iconic speeches by Martin Luther King and Barack Obama. Additionally, students delved into the powerful speeches of black female leaders and the evocative poetry of Maya Angelou. This exploration has provided students with a profound appreciation for the significance of rhetoric in bringing about social change and allowed them to understand the distinctive voices and contributions of black women in shaping history and advocating for equality.

Students in the drama department have wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the commemoration of Black History Month. Their endeavours have revolved around the profound exploration of the play titled ‘Small Island,’ set in post-World War II London, delving deep into the themes of race, identity, and immigration. The primary focus of their exploration has been on two Jamaican immigrant characters, Hortense and Gilbert. These dedicated students have invested their time and efforts into the development of various theatrical techniques, including creating freeze frames, employing thought tracking, and honing their physical theatre skills.

These examples reflect our commitment to commemorating Black History Month and promoting an inclusive learning environment, inspiring future generations to follow the path of pioneering black women.