Walton Academy is delighted to congratulate the talented students who participated in the Through Their Eyes 2024 National Poetry Competition. This prestigious competition, which closed on 16 February 2024, invited young poets from across the nation to explore unique perspectives and share their creativity with the world.

The theme of Through Their Eyes encouraged participants to write from the point of view of someone or something else, fostering empathy and imagination. It’s with great pride that we announce the names of the 11 Walton Academy students whose exceptional poems have been recognised:

Jasmine M – “Alone”
Lucinda W – “The Lion”
Lara A – “Friendship”
Kieran T – “Untitled”
Taylor T – “My Cat”
Jamie H – “Dream”
Jemima C – “Goodbye”
Alisha S – “Bow Down To Me!”
Faye S – “Love”
Kimberly C – “The Stranger”
Ella M – “A Smiling Sticker”

These talented individuals have demonstrated exceptional creativity and skill in their poetic endeavours, capturing diverse perspectives and emotions through their words.

Walton Academy applauds each student for their dedication, passion, and imaginative storytelling. Their participation in the Through Their Eyes competition not only showcases their individual talents but also reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering literary excellence among its students.

As we celebrate the success of our students in the Through Their Eyes 2024 National Poetry Competition, we look forward to continuing to support and encourage their literary pursuits. Congratulations once more to all participants and may their commitment to self-expression continue to flourish.