Walton Academy is proud to unveil its newest educational initiative, the Love to Read tutor time reading programme. Acknowledging the profound impact of reading on overall student development, this programme aims to instil a lifelong love for literature. Our initiative emphasises the importance of reading aloud to foster positive attitudes and enhance vocabulary, motivation, and overall knowledge.

In this 15-minute weekly reading session, each form will explore two carefully selected contemporary youth fiction books, thoughtfully curated to align with the diverse interests and age appropriateness of the students. These novels serve as windows into different cultures, experiences, and emotions, creating a shared literary experience that transcends the confines of the classroom.

For instance, in year 7, students will delve into the compelling narrative of Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah, offering insights into the life of a young refugee navigating challenges in a new land. Paired with Just Like Everyone Else by Sarah Hagger-Holt, the students will explore themes of identity, acceptance, and friendship.

Beyond fostering a love for reading, the Love to Read programme aspires to impart a myriad of benefits, including enhanced vocabulary, self-confidence, cultural awareness, empathy, and improved academic results. As form tutors bring these stories to life, students are encouraged to listen actively, allowing the magic of literature to shape their academic journey and beyond.

Here’s to the joy of shared storytelling and the lifelong love of books at Walton Academy.