Bugsy Malone
Walton Theatre
Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 March 2024

Meet Kayley, our talented star taking on the role of Fat Sam in Walton Theatre’s production of Bugsy Malone.

Kayley has already made a significant mark within our performing arts community. With an impressive repertoire of leading roles under her belt, including memorable performances as Gomez Addams in 2022 and Shrek in 2023, Kayley now steps into the shoes of the charismatic Fat Sam for our latest production.

When she’s not captivating audiences with her portrayal of larger-than-life characters or sporting a vibrant shade of green, Kayley dedicates herself to her studies in Musical Theatre at Walton Academy Post 16. Her commitment to excellence and her passion for the arts shine through in every performance she delivers.

Dreaming of a future on the stage, Kayley aspires to attend university or a conservatoire to further hone her craft, with hopes of gracing the illustrious stages of the West End and beyond.

As she takes on the role of Fat Sam, Kayley extends her best wishes to her fellow cast members and the dedicated staff behind the scenes. She hopes that audiences will thoroughly enjoy the performance and be swept away by the magic of Bugsy Malone.

Don’t miss the chance to see Kayley and the rest of the talented cast bring this captivating story to life at Walton Theatre. Tickets for Bugsy Malone are now available for purchase at the Walton Theatre Ticket Shop.