Bugsy Malone
Walton Theatre
Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 March 2024

Meet Harry, a determined performer at Walton, ready to command the stage as Bugsy in the upcoming Walton Theatre production of Bugsy Malone.

Bursting with ambition, courage, and passion, this year 9 student embodies the spirit of Bugsy Malone on and off stage. Just like Bugsy, Harry’s determination propels him forward whether on stage or in life.

With a fondness for musicals cultivated since year 7, when he took his first bow in The Addams Family ensemble, Harry eagerly anticipates showcasing his talent in front of an audience. With the Bugsy Malone cast, band, and crew by his side, Harry believes their collective effort will make this show truly spectacular. Break a leg, everyone!

Tickets for Bugsy Malone are available for purchase at the Walton Theatre Ticket Shop.