Year 13 student Caitlin had completed her UCAS application with a view to studying mathematics and physics at the University of Warwick. Caitlin’s long term goal is to gain a PhD in mathematics and physics.

She said: “The subject has been fundamental to the progress we have made in the world and to the ventures and discoveries we are making within our universe. As my knowledge expands, the greater my desire to understand the capability of mathematics and physics. Being the first in my family to go to university is giving me the drive and encouragement to succeed within this field of professionalism.”

Caitlin has certainly written a competitive personal statement due to her eagerness to engage with Walton’s fantastic enrichment programme. Amongst other activities, Caitlin has completed a MAT, MTUA and STEP course which challenged her to think about the various disciplines and their applications, such as combinatorics.

“This course developed my ability to construct logical arguments and to establish the validity of a proposition by contradiction.”

The Physics in Action experience held at Walton included virtual talks from a variety of female scientists and really inspired Cailtin. She was particularly interested by the inspirational speaker who highlighted the use of climate change modelling to predict the impact on the ice caps. Caitlin has been a real advocate for environmental change in our local community and has launched a recycling scheme with the hope of mentoring younger members of the Eco Committee so that the work continues when she moves to university.

We wish Caitlin every success in her endeavours and she certainly deserves a place at this popular Russell Group university in September!