We are delighted to have taken delivery of a piano this week at Walton Academy, which has been very kindly donated to us by Mrs Veronica Townsend.

As well as donating the piano, Mrs Townsend also gifted a fife, which is a small flute used in military bands, a complete 5th edition of Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and a photo frame with the following message:

“This W. Danemann & Co piano was stamped with a serial number that shows it was made in 1914 as a wedding gift for professional pianist, Peter Nidd. He was called up as a soldier at the start of World War I into the 10th Middlesex Regiment.  Sadly, he died before he could ever enjoy it.

The piano was never played until it was gifted to me (Vernonica) by his widow when I started to learn to play piano in 1971. She also passed on his army-issue fife. The piano’s story has always been special to me as I studied at the London College of Music and then went on to become a music teacher.

I am delighted to be able to pass the piano and fife on to Walton Academy and hope they will inspire a whole new generation of musicians.”

The piano was delivered by White and Sentance Pianos.  Thank you so very much to Mrs Townsend for your kindness and generosity.  We are absolutely delighted to have received the piano and for it to start the next chapter of its musical history here at Walton Academy.