At Walton Academy, we understand the importance of guiding our students through their educational journey and beyond. To this end, we hosted our Next Steps Day, a comprehensive careers guidance event designed for students from year 7 to year 11.

The day was filled with a range of activities and workshops aimed at empowering our students with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about their future. We recognise that each student’s path is unique, and our goal is to provide them with the tools to embark on their individual journeys with confidence.

To offer students a practical understanding of potential career pathways, we welcomed a diverse range of guest speakers from prominent institutions. Among them was Squadron Leader Lyons from RAF Coningsby, who led an engaging workshop on establishing and maintaining a sustainable airbase. Additionally, Mark Sharp, a commercial airline pilot, delivered a captivating presentation, sharing insights from his career in aviation. Representatives from Newcastle University and Bishop Grosseteste University shared valuable perspectives on university life and academic options. Furthermore, the event included informative sessions on apprenticeships, with industry experts shedding light on the benefits of hands-on training and the diverse opportunities available in the world of apprenticeships.

Equipping our students with practical skills is at the heart of our Next Steps Day. Workshops on crafting a compelling CV, as well as team-building sessions, were conducted to bolster their employability skills. These activities are designed to help students stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

Students with an interest in healthcare had the opportunity to dive into the world of medicine with the Medical Mavericks workshops. This hands-on experience allowed them to explore various aspects of healthcare and gain a better understanding of the roles within the industry.

To highlight local opportunities, we welcomed Reflect Recruitment, a local recruitment agency. They discussed the diverse career paths available within the region, offering valuable insights into the local job market. Representatives from Grantham College also presented various educational options available to our students.

Incorporating these activities, workshops, and informative sessions, our Next Steps Day was a resounding success. It provided students with a holistic perspective on the paths they can take, making it an essential event in their academic journey.

We remain committed to guiding our students as they take their next steps towards a bright and promising future, and the Next Steps Day is just one example of how Walton Academy continues to empower its students to pursue their dreams and ambitions.