We’re thrilled to announce that Walton Academy has been honoured with the Artsmark Gold Award, a recognition of our unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and artistic expression.

Walton Academy has made great strides in further developing our arts programme, reinforcing our dedication to providing an enriching experience for all students. This expansion has led to increased student participation in a range of creative activities, including a doubling of involvement in whole-school productions.

Principal Jess Leonard stated, “‘I am delighted that the academy is getting the recognition it deserves for the high-quality arts provision it provides. It has been a very exciting 18 months with further developments in our arts curriculum, theatre facilities, and we are now offering Arts Award gold in Post 16. I am very proud of what our community has achieved, and I know this is just the start.”

Our students are at the core of our success. We’ve integrated arts into personal development and life skills, empowering students through initiatives like house events and arts teams. Their active involvement in decision-making about arts experiences, reflecting diversity, is a key aspect of our commitment to their holistic growth.

Extending our impact beyond the school, our Primary Connections approach involves collaborations with creative practitioners and engaging workshops for primary school students. Looking ahead, we’re eager to further strengthen connections with schools, practitioners, and arts organisations.

The Artsmark Gold Award isn’t just an accolade; it’s a call to action. We’re excited about further involving students in the creative process, allowing them to showcase their talents. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion will guide future collaborations, ensuring our arts education reflects the richness of our society.

Recent appointments of an Arts Coordinator and Arts Technician have fortified our commitment to artistic development. Additionally, the ongoing development of the Walton Theatre as a centre for teaching and learning, production, and performance exemplifies our dedication to providing a dynamic creative space.

Join us in celebrating Walton Academy’s Artsmark Gold Award achievement as we continue nurturing the creative minds of tomorrow!