Walton Academy proudly launched its participation in the ‘Our Generation. Our Vote.’ campaign, an innovative political education programme running alongside this year’s UK general election. This initiative empowers young people by giving them a platform to voice their opinions on political matters that directly impact their lives.

Recognising the significant impact of political decisions on young people, ‘Our Generation. Our Vote.’ bridges the gap between youth and politics. The campaign includes workshops, events, and curriculum-linked sessions to build students’ understanding of the political process, including how the UK government operates and key policies of different political parties.

Today, Walton Academy students are participating in a simulated voting process, mirroring the adult voting procedure in the general election. Each student will receive a ballot paper and cast their vote for their preferred parliamentary candidate. These votes will be submitted to the ‘Our Generation. Our Vote.’ campaign, with results showcased on the Sky Kids results show on Friday 28 June.

Grounded in the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the campaign addresses the gap between young people’s desire to be heard and the focus of political decisions. By participating, students are given a direct platform to express their views.

Walton Academy is excited to be part of this initiative, fostering civic responsibility and political awareness among our students.