Walton Academy is proud to announce the outstanding performance of our year 8 students in the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Junior Maths Challenge. This prestigious national competition aims to inspire a love of problem solving in young people and is supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers. The UKMT, the leading charity in advancing mathematics education, has been nurturing young mathematical talent through challenges and enrichment activities for over 20 years.

The Junior Maths Challenge consists of 25 multiple choice questions that test students on a range of mathematical topics, including shape, logical reasoning, and algebra. Out of all our talented competitors, five students earned silver certificates, and twelve achieved bronze certificates, showcasing their dedication and mathematical abilities. Notably, Jack Foister achieved the highest score among our participants, amassing an impressive 81 points. His stellar performance earned him a silver certificate and the distinction of being the best participant in school.

The success of our students in the Junior Maths Challenge highlights Walton Academy’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and encouraging a passion for mathematics. Once again, congratulations to our year 8 mathematicians for their outstanding achievements in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge!