We are excited to share that students from Walton Academy have begun a dynamic six-week programme with Noise Academy, a leading provider of music technology education.
Noise Academy is dedicated to empowering students through music technology, enhancing self-confidence, driving academic progress, and equipping individuals with valuable tools for success within the music industry.

Throughout this programme, our students are benefitting from personalised weekly sessions in DJ-ing, guided by professional tutors using industry-standard equipment. Noise Academy’s inclusive approach ensures that all students can actively participate and thrive.

The structured DJ syllabus offered by Noise Academy spans six levels, taking students from absolute beginners to stage-ready performers capable of delivering creative sets. By the end of the programme, students will work towards achieving a Level 1 qualification in DJ Skills.

As part of the final session plan, students will showcase their DJ work in the Walton Theatre, featuring a recorded compilation of their sets. These recordings will be shared on SoundCloud, allowing students to share their accomplishments with family and friends.

The students participating in the Noise Academy programme have received encouraging feedback. They have shown enthusiasm for learning and have made progress in mastering DJ techniques. The students’ efforts demonstrate engagement, teamwork, and a keen interest in exploring different music styles. Their behaviour and commitment during the sessions underscore their dedication to the programme. We are proud of all participants and commend them for their efforts and achievements.

At Walton Academy, we believe in the transformative power of music and are committed to providing our students with enriching opportunities like the Noise Academy programme. We look forward to celebrating the progress and achievements of our talented students throughout this musical journey.