Walton has extended its curriculum offer at post 16 level by introducing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ was launched on Life Skills Day (11 Febraury 2020) and allows students to undertake a specific project and acquire an additional qualification alongside their A Level and BTEC studies.

The qualification offers the following benefits for post 16 students:

-Students develop as independent, reflective learners and acquire knowledge and transferable skills that are invaluable for further study and the workplace.

-Worth 50% of a full A Level in UCAS points.

-Many universities count the points from the EPQ.

-Some universities give reduced entry requirements based on the outcome of the EPQ.

-It provides evidence of a student’s dedication to a subject for their UCAS personal statement.

This is all part of providing a broad curriculum offer and ensuring Walton students have the best possible opportunities to achieve to their highest potential.