On Wednesday 27 June 2024, a group of year 12 students from Walton Post 16 attended the University of Nottingham 2024 Fair. The event, held at the David Ross Sports Village, provided an invaluable opportunity for students to explore various post-18 education and career options.

The fair featured representatives from a diverse range of institutions. Students had the chance to speak with delegates from Russell Group universities, red brick institutions, modern universities, apprenticeship providers, and local colleges. Students were able to gather information and ask specific questions about courses, entry requirements, and career prospects.

One of the special features of the fair was the campus tour. Walton Post 16 students were guided around the University of Nottingham’s state-of-the-art facilities, gaining a firsthand look at the environment in which they could potentially study.

The fair also included a series of seminars designed to help students make informed decisions about their future. Topics included UCAS personal statement & application advice, why take an apprenticeship, choosing a university course, higher and degree apprenticeships, and student finance. These sessions were particularly beneficial for the year 12 attendees, who are beginning to make important decisions about their next steps in education and career paths.

The year 12 students from Walton Post 16 found the event to be both inspiring and informative. Many appreciated the breadth of information available and the opportunity to clarify their options. Overall, the visit to the University of Nottingham 2024 Fair was a resounding success, equipping Walton Post 16 students with the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate their future education and career choices effectively.