Parents and carers may be aware that we have been experiencing some issues with our uniform supplier in terms of the stock that is available. This is due to the following two reasons:

  • Grantham Clothing has gone into receivership and therefore is no longer a stockist for us. Downtown is now the only supplier for the Walton uniform but they did not have enough stock initially to account for Grantham Clothing closing down.
  • Trutex sent Downtown the wrong stock initially which contained black boys trousers.

Update as of 27 August 2019

We thank you for your patience with regards to the uniform situation – we are continuing to work hard with both Downtown and Trutex to ensure all students can start the academic year with the correct uniform.

  • Collared shirts are now in stock at Downtown in sizes 11” – 16.5”
  • Plain navy blue tailored trousers are now in stock at Downtown in sizes 24” waist – 34” waist

If parents need to order another size they can do by going into store and placing the order. Any orders will need to be placed as soon as possible to ensure they are delivered prior to the start of term.

Further Trutex stock in both collared shirts and Walton badged trousers will be coming into store in September and we will keep parents updated with accurate details.

If parents buy the alternative stock that Downtown have sourced for us there will be no need to buy the Trutex stock until their child’s uniform needs to be replenished.

Update as of 23 August 2019

• We have now sourced an alternative green collared shirt and these will be in stock at Downtown Superstore on Wednesday 28th August – the shirts are a two pack
• Most Walton badged navy trousers will be in store prior to term starting however for the sizes that are not available parents will be able to purchase plain navy tailored trousers from Downtown superstore – the plain navy tailored trousers for the sizes that are not available in the badged Walton trousers will be available from the end of next week in store, we will continue to update a definite date as soon as we have one from Downtown

For both of the uniform items above students will be able to continue to wear these even when the new stock arrives, parents will only need to buy the Trutex collared shirts and trousers when they need to replenish their child’s uniform.

Please note that uniform can be ordered online direct from Trutex – please visit the Walton web ordering page here.

Should parents and carers have any questions over uniform supplies, please feel free to contact us:
Tel: 01476 563251