The Walton Theatre, the heart of creative expression at Walton Academy, is the stage for this year’s annual Christmas staff performance – Walton’s Twelve Days of Christmas. This time-honoured tradition has been a staple at the academy since 1966, providing a unique blend of entertainment and community spirit on the last day of term.

Students from each year group gather with anticipation as the dedicated staff take centre stage to showcase their hidden talents. Over the years, Walton’s Christmas staff performance has evolved into a spectacular display of creativity and humour, making it one of the most memorable traditions for both staff and students.

The theme of this year’s performance was kept under wraps until the very last moment, adding an element of surprise to the festivities. Past years have seen unforgettable performances, including Walton does Strictly, Walton’s Got Talent, Stars in Their Eyes, and various pantomime productions. The staff’s commitment to delivering a memorable show for the students is evident, and each performance is a testament to their dedication to creating lasting memories.

As the curtains rise on the Walton Theatre today, the audience are treated to a dazzling array of performances that capture the holiday spirit. The laughter, cheers, and applause reverberate through the theatre, creating an atmosphere of celebration!

As the final notes of the last performance fade away, the spirit of Walton’s Twelve Days of Christmas will linger in the memories of all who attended. It’s more than just a show; it’s a celebration of community, talent, and the festive spirit that makes Walton Academy a special place during the holiday season.