Here at Walton, we have a number of exciting activities planned for World Book Day 2021, designed to ignite the imagination and get more of our students reading.

Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) will be distributing World Book Day tokens this week and also has two fantastic competitions planned.

World Book Day tokens

Each year we distribute tokens to enable our students to get a copy of a book of their choice. We will be issuing tokens digitally this year. See details below of how to use the tokens:

World Book Day tokens

LRC competition 1 – Fictional Food Feast

From ‘Eat Me’ cakes to Snozzcumbers, descriptions of food are a favourite feature of fiction for many of us. This competition is your chance to recreate a mouth-watering (or disgusting) dish/drink from a book!

Fictional Food Feast Competition

LRC competition 2 – Missing Links

In addition to its ‘Fictional Food Feast’ competition, Walton’s LRC is also marking World Book Day with a ‘Missing Links’ challenge.

To complete this task, students are asked to find words missing from the titles or authors’ names of 20 fiction books.  The books are divided into five groups, each with a linking theme.  The challenge is to decide what the themes are!

Find the challenge here

Please submit entries by Friday 5th March.  Achievement points will be awarded both for taking the challenge and for correct answers.

Good luck, and have fun!

Modern Foreign Languages

Over in the MFL department, we will be celebrating World Book Day with French and Spanish versions of some classic stories. And all KS3 students will enjoy some lingualogical fun during their off screen lessons – a great way for them to realise the importance of logic skills in understanding any language, not just the ones they have been taught.

It will be exciting for them to be exposed to some Arabic, Japanese, Swedish, Maori, etc… and even some Yoda language for the Star Wars fans amongst us!

MFL Lingualogical Takeaway Task Menu

Journée Mondiale Du Livre 

El Día Mundial Del Libro


Our English department has organised a number of challenges for World Book Day.

The ‘Sharing Stories’ challenge will allow students to watch videos of teachers reading from one of their favourite books. They can then take part in a competition to guess which book it is.

In addition to this, a whole school challenge will involve an extreme reading photo competition for all students and staff.

Extreme Reading Challenge