This half term, all of our year 12 students will be receiving two apprenticeship workshops from the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) for schools programme, funded by the Department for Education. All students will receive information about the different types of apprenticeships on offer through ASK Apprenticeships, and find out how to sign up for the service and apply for apprenticeships. Some of our students may not have considered apprenticeships before and may have focused on a university route, however degree level apprenticeships will offer the opportunity to work and train whilst studying for their degree, with many apprenticeships paying for university tuition.

Over the summer term year 12 students will be exposed to all the opportunities available to them including signing up to UCAS and starting their personal statements, and a visit in June to Sheffield to attend the UCAS convention to meet different universities. All students will also receive live weekly updates of apprenticeships opportunities.  Although many of the opportunities currently available are for a September 2023 start, it’s great for our year 12s to see which companies offer the apprenticeships they would like to apply for next year so that they can look at the entry requirements and desired experience, in order to be in as strong a position as possible when they are ready to apply.

On Tuesday 19 April, we were delighted to welcome Matthew Robinson to the academy to deliver the first of these sessions to our year 12 students.  Matthew is an ASK ambassador at Workpays, the ASK programme partner across the East Midlands for the Department for Education. After an informative presentation, students had the opportunity to ask Matthew questions about the programme and apprenticeships.  Feedback from our students was very positive.  Thank you to Matthew for visiting the academy this week and we look forward to seeing you again soon.