We are very proud to announce that Jasmine Hempsall in year 12 has been highly commended by Lincolnshire Police Force and has received an award for being Lincolnshire Cadet of the Year. The award was given for her outstanding dedication, commitment and contribution to the work she carries out with the Grantham Cadet Corps.

Jasmine has demonstrated huge potential and outstanding leadership qualities. She represented the Police Cadets at the opening of the Edith Smith Exhibition at Grantham Museum. This was very fitting as Edith Smith was the country’s first warranted woman police constable. The display at Grantham Museum is the culmination of a community fundraising effort and an extensive amount of research into the inspirational woman.

Jasmine has also written a fabulous article for the Cadet Newsletter about mental health during the pandemic and has offered advice to young people who are struggling via the Kooth App, an online mental wellbeing community.

Further to this tremendous work in the local community, Jasmine is a team leader in Grantham Cadet Corps and carries out uniform checks, leads marching practice and assists younger members. As a member of the Cadets, Jasmine gains problem solving skills through the many stop and search scenarios that are undertaken.

Jasmine currently studies criminology, applied science and business at Walton Post 16 and is now researching routes into a career in the Police Force. One possible route she is considering is a Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) where she will be able to earn and learn on the job. If she took this route she would end up with a degree in Professional Policing Practice at the end of the programme. For some forces Jasmine can still apply via the traditional route, following the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP) and a two-year probation period. However, Jasmine is also searching for universities offering the Professional Policing Degree in case she decides to get a pre-joining degree and then to apply to specific forces when the degree is coming to an end.

Jasmine isn’t stopping there and has also recently applied to be a Major’s Cadet. Should she be successful in this endeavour, Jasmine would represent the Cadets at the Major’s functions and work with his charities. We wish Jasmine all the luck with this!

Jasmine’s future certainly looks bright!