Year 13 criminology students welcomed another visitor to their lesson this week in order to gain further insight into the roles of personnel in the criminal justice system.

Detective Constable Emma Lamb from Nottinghamshire Police joined the class via Microsoft Teams, and the students had the opportunity to ask questions. DC Lamb joined the police via the Fast Track Detective Scheme. Initially, DC Lamb spent time as a civilian investigator on the modern slavery team and also spent several weeks as a response officer, before joining the Criminal Investigation Department.

Here are some of the questions that students asked:

– What is the hardest part of your job?
– What is a typical shift like?
– Are many people aggressive towards you in your role and does this intimidate you?
– Can you tell us about the recruitment process?

DC Lamb gave advice about preparing fully for the recruitment process such as researching the force’s values online and having a clear understanding of why you want to join the police before applying.

DC Lamb has been serving for Nottinghamshire Police for the past three years. Next week, students will be interviewing another police officer who has seventeen years’ service and are excited to compare how the experiences of the officers compare.