What a fantastic way to end a busy school day – a guided Yoga Nidra session for all staff as part of the academy’s whole school approach to wellbeing.

We all know from research and educationalists the importance of sleep for both young people and adults – with teenagers recommended to have 9 ¼ hours sleep every night! Who doesn’t feel better after having “a good night’s sleep”?   Who hasn’t lain awake at night desperate to go to sleep but unable to ‘turn off’ thoughts of the next day, the next exam, the next task?

Walton’s Wellbeing Committee looks at a whole raft of methods and activities to help our academy community deal with anxiety and, on 4 February, we were delighted to welcome Katie Greenfield to share her knowledge of Yogic relaxation methods with staff.   Katie explained how Yoga Nidra can help staff and students unwind and have restful sleep patterns, before taking staff on a guided journey into a state of complete relaxation.

These session have also been available to our Year 11 and Post 16 students as they enter their stressful exam periods.

The all too brief session ended with our teaching and support staff reluctantly abandoning their blankets and returning to the reality of the academy gym ready to face the journey home – in a hopefully more relaxed state of mind.