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For Progress 8 in 2018, Walton was the highest performing school in Grantham, including selective grammars and also the highest performing non selective school in Lincolnshire.  Our Progress 8 score placed us in the top 5% of all schools nationally and indicated the success our students saw.  The key headline figures can be seen below:

The progress 8 score shows the value the school has added from the KS2 SATs results, our score of 0.62 indicates that students typically achieve over half a GCSE grade higher than students with similar starting points.

Across the key indicators Walton performed exceptionally well compared to the national average and was well above in most.  It is worth noting that the attainment measure in English and maths was changed from a 4 to a 5 in 2018 nationally.  As a result of the two grammar schools in Grantham we have fewer High Prior Attainers on entry than the national average and it is these students who typically achieve the highest grades, therefore this result is not surprising given our context.  This will continue to be an area of focus for our academy moving forward.

GCSE results 2019

  • 74% of students achieved at least 4-9 grades in maths and English
  • 82% of grades were grade 4 and above in English
  • 79% of grades were grade 4 and above for maths
  • 73% of students achieved five or more GCSEs (inc. maths and English)
  • 32 grade 9s in total
  • 59% of students achieved top marks of Merit, Distinction, Distinction* in BTEC Level 2

Overall attainment has increased, continuing the upward trend of the results of the academy over the last three years.

A Level exam results 2019

  • Overall pass rate: 99%
  • 9% of grades A*– A
  • 29% of grades A*– B
  • 98% of grades A*– E
  • 57% of Level 3 BTEC grades were the top Distinction* Distinction


Further information on Walton’s performance can be found on the Department for Education’s website.

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