Years 7-9

Geography explores the world around us and students will have the opportunity to learn about both the human and physical aspects of our planet. Geography also looks to develop a wide range of skills such as map and graph skills to constructing arguments. Lessons are taught through a diverse range of activities that incorporate individual, paired and group activities.


Students will have regular unit assessments in class, usually one per unit. These will be formatively assessed by your teacher and your mark will be used to track your progress. You will also be set regular homework tasks. These could be extended pieces of writing, research tasks, producing presentations or revision for tests in class.

Topics covered


  • Geographical skills
  • My place in the world
  • Coasts
  • Coral reefs
  • Geography of food
  • China
  • Tectonic hazards
  • Climate change
  • Tourism
  • India
  • Rivers
  • Amazing places

Years 10 and 11

GCSE Geography is building upon the knowledge already acquired at key stage 3 and many of the topics will be familiar. GCSE lessons will consist of written work and discussions, as well as internet research and using ICT to produce work. Overall, lessons will draw on a range of teaching techniques which will allow students to develop a range of skills.

Specification Content

Global Geographical Issues:
Topics in this unit include Plate tectonics, Tropical storms, a study of an emerging country, and a study of contemporary issues in a global mega city.

UK Geographical Issues:
Studies of coastal and river landscapes and issues, studies of dynamic inner cities and changing rural landscapes, also two separate fieldwork investigations.

People and Environment Issues:
Including People and the biosphere, Forests under threat and Consuming energy resources.

Awarding Body



  • 100% examination at the end of the course.
  • There will be three examinations, one for each topic:
  • Global Geographical Issues: Exam accounting for 37.5% of the course and is 1.5hours.
  • UK Geographical Issues: Exam accounting for 37.5% of the course and is 1.5hours.
  • People and Environment Issues: Decision making exercise exam accounting for 25% of the course and is 1.25 hours.

Topics covered

  • Natural Hazards
  • Megacities
  • Development
  • Coasts
  • Rivers
  • Urban and Rural environments
  • Forests under threat
  • Climate change
  • People and the biosphere
  • Fieldwork skills

Recommended revision guides / course resources

CGP GCSE Geography revision guide