Years 10 and 11 GCSE

This sport qualification offers students the chance to develop a wide range of highly desirable, transferable skills through practical means. The Cambridge National in Sport Science offers students the opportunity to study key areas in Sport Science in order to fully understand every detail of an athlete’s training programme including rest time, environment and psychology in the pursuit of excellence.

Specification Content

  • R041- Reducing the risk of injuries in sport
  • R042- Applying the principles of training
  • R043- The body’s responses to physical activity
  • R045- Sports nutrition

Awarding Body


  • R041- Written paper, 1 hour
  • R042- Centre assessed task (coursework)
  • R043- Centre assessed task (coursework)
  • R045- Centre assessed task (coursework)

Topics covered
Students will cover a variety of topics as outlined above. Students will also have the opportunity to improve their sporting skills in a variety of sports, as well as improve their ability to lead, coach and officiate in a number of sports and activities.

Recommended revision guides / course resources