Years 7-9

Throughout key stage 3, students will have the opportunity to learn new skills and sports. Students will be encouraged to become more competent, confident and expert in their sporting technique across a broad range of sports.


Students are assessed on a scale of 1-9 in 4 categories; the range of skill demonstrated, the quality of the skills demonstrated, their physical attributes in the sport and their decision making in a game situation.

Topics covered

Students will be taught a variety of skills in various sports from hockey and netball to gymnastics and table tennis. Students also take part in health-related fitness, which incorporates some of the theoretical elements of the subject. Students may also have the opportunity to lead in lessons and take on other roles such as a coach and umpire.

Sports taught in key stage 3 physical education are: netball, hockey, football, tag rugby, rounders, tennis, badminton, gymnastics, health-related fitness and athletics.

Years 10 and 11

You will receive a well-rounded and full introduction into the world of PE, sport and sport science by developing an understanding of how the mind and body works, in relation to performance in physical activity.

You will learn about various sectors of PE and sport including; anatomy and physiology, fitness, health, injuries, performance, training principles and psychology.

You will not be assessed on your practical ability, however some components of the course will be taught in a practical setting.

Why study Physical Education?
You should choose a qualification in Physical Education if you have a love of being active and enjoy sports. You must have an interest in sport and in learning about the many factors that contribute to a successful sporting performance.

Future Pathways
You can progress from this subject into further study of PE and sport at Level 3, an apprenticeship or employment in the sports sector.


You will be required to sit one exam and you will complete three units of coursework throughout the length of the course