Years 10 and 11 GCSE

Students following the triple science course which will be awarded three separate science GCSEs, in biology, chemistry and physics. By taking this option, students will follow three separate GCSE programmes through their ‘core’ science lessons and their option block lessons in order to gain sufficient hours to achieve three separate GCSE grades.

Specification Content

There are biology, chemistry and physics modules covering diverse topics ranging from how cloned embryos could donate cells to cure diseases, to how scientists use data to look for links between air quality and illnesses, right up to our position in the Universe and what killed off the dinosaurs!

Awarding Body

Topics covered

Students will cover an extensive range of topics. Examples of topics include genetics, acids and bases and energy resources. For a more detailed list, please refer to the AQA GCSE subject pages (above).


Students are examined at the end of the two year course by written examinations in biology, chemistry and physics. Practical work is also an essential part of the curriculum and knowledge of practical skills are examined as part of the written assessments.