Why choose this subject?

Students will learn how to express thoughts and ideas through the skilful manipulation of materials. They will explore art concepts through a variety of media and formats including drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D cculpture, and photography. Students will be able to specialise in a chosen media or technique.

How will this subject be delivered?

Year 12

Year 12 is dedicated to developing a range of skills and building the confidence to experiment and take risks. Students will explore the work of a range of artists and develop their own themes and projects. They will also work in a variety of techniques and media across the discipline of Art.

Year 13

Unit 1: Art Craft Design

This unit incorporates two linked elements, each with separate final outcomes: practical work and a 3,000 word essay. Both elements help students develop an independent theme and require them to work in a sketchbook and on larger pieces which lead to the final piece.

Unit 2: Externally Set Exam

A 12-week externally set project. Preparatory studies and research is recorded in a sketchbook which results in a 15-hour practical exam where students produce a final piece.

How is it assessed?

A Level: 60% coursework and 40% externally set exam.

Subject specific entry requirements

Art GCSE grade 5 or above.


Students will be able to access an array of art and design careers, as well as progressing to higher education in the form of a degree or through a foundation year to degree programme.

Additional costs relating to this course

There may be additional costs associated with this course.

Level: A LEVEL

Board: AQA