Why choose this subject?

The A-level Dance qualification fosters both creative and intellectual development, emphasising transferable skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, which are all nurtured in both a studio and classroom setting. These skills are valued by higher education institutions and employers, enhancing students’ competitiveness in various careers. The curriculum incorporates a blend of historical and contemporary dance practices, nurturing a lifelong passion for dance through creative exploration, replication of repertoire and critical analysis of choreographers and their methods and body of work, as well as students’ own practice. The assessment structure accommodates students of all abilities, featuring clear, diverse exam questions and practical examinations to an audience, promoting confident and self-assured young people.

How will this subject be delivered?

A-level Dance requires you to develop, demonstrate and articulate practical and theoretical knowledge, understanding and experience of:
• Technical and performance skills
• The process and art of choreography
• The interrelationship between the creation, presentation and viewing/appreciation of dance works
• The development of dance placed within an artistic and cultural context
• Professional dance works and the significance of these works
• Subject specific terminology and its use.

Core content
1. Performance: Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study and Performance in a quartet
2. Choreography: Group choreography in response to examination stimuli
3. Critical engagement: Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two set works. One compulsory set work within the compulsory area of study and one optional set work within the corresponding area of study, from a choice of four.

How is it assessed?

This qualification is linear, meaning all exams and submission of non-exam assessment take place at the end of the course in Year 13.

Both components are assessed:
• Component 1: Performance and Choreography
Practical exam
80 marks
50% of A-level
• Component 2: Critical Engagement
Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes
100 marks
50% of A-level

Subject specific entry requirements

Five grades 5-9 including maths and English. Merit/grade 6 or above in one or more of the following BTEC/GCSE subjects: music, dance or drama.


The qualification is the equivalent of one A level and carries UCAS points recognised by higher education providers or vocational establishments in meeting admissions requirements for many courses if taken alongside other qualifications as part of a two-year programme of learning.

This A Level also provides a route to gain an apprenticeship or training in Performing Arts industries. These may then lead to careers within dance and Performing Arts such as a performer, entertainment, arts education, choreography and production or arts administration.

Additional costs relating to this course

There may be additional costs with this course such as contributions towards the cost of trips, specialised uniform/footwear etc.

Level: A LEVEL

Board: AQA