Why choose this subject?

Whether you want a career in medicine or industry, Chemistry provides a great platform for study in higher education. Chemists are seen as great innovators and problem solvers. There are more Chemistry graduates within the ‘square mile’ in London’s financial area than any other discipline!

How is this subject delivered?

The subject is delivered through a variety of lessons, practical experiments, experimental write-ups and independent research sessions. You will study: Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

How is it assessed?

• Two written exam papers.
• 1 hour 30 minutes.
• Each paper is worth 50% of AS grade.
• No coursework.

A Level
• Three written exam papers.
• 2 hours.
• Two papers worth 35% and one paper worth 30% of an A Level grade.
• No coursework.

Subject specific entry requirements

You should have gained at least a GCSE grade 7 GCSE Chemistry and grade 6 in both GCSE Biology and Physics or 7,7 in Combined Science, as well as at least a grade 7 in Mathematics.


Students studying A Level Chemistry can enter into a wide range of fields, including further study in veterinary science, medicine, accountancy, forensics, pharmacology and chemical engineering.

Additional costs relating to this course

• Contribution towards the cost of visits.
• Stationery.
• Deposit for textbooks.

Level: AS and A LEVEL

Board: AQA