Why choose this subject?

Students will learn how to express thoughts and ideas through the skilful manipulation of photographic media. They will learn about a variety of photography genres and art movements to help develop their own themes and projects. Students will also learn how to use both digital and film cameras, working in both the Photoshop suite and the dark room. Visits to galleries twice a year support the course.

How will this subject be delivered?

Year 12
Year 12 is dedicated to developing a range of skills and building confidence to experiment and take risks. Students explore the work of a range of artists and develop their own themes and projects. They will learn how to use both styles of camera, Photoshop and darkroom processes.

Year 13 
Unit 1: Photography coursework This unit incorporates two linked elements, each with separate final outcomes: practical work and personal study (3,000 word essay). Both elements aid the development of an independent theme and require students to work on a number of photoshoots and pieces of research which lead to the final piece.

Unit 2: Externally Set Exam A 12-week externally set project. Preparatory shoots and research is recorded in a sketchbook which results in a 15-hour practical exam where the final piece will be produced.

How is it assessed?

A Level (two year course) – 60% coursework and 40% externally set exam.

Subject specific entry requirements

Mathematics and English GCSE at grade 5 or above. GCSE photography grade 6 or above. Alternatively, an interview and portfolio presentation will be offered to students who have not undertaken a GCSE in photography.


Students will be able to access an array of art and design careers as well as progressing to higher education in the form of a degree or through foundation year to degree.

Additional costs relating to this course

There may be additional costs with this course.

Level: A LEVEL

Board: AQA