Why choose this subject?

This is a Level 3 course which is taken alongside A Levels. You’ll be required to complete a project on a topic of your choice. The project can be in the form of an essay or report or an artefact, for example, a musical composition, a piece of artwork or dramatic project.

Here are some example dissertation titles:

  • Portrayal of violence in the media and its impact on society
  • Should women be paid the same as men in football?
  • The impact of Donald Trump’s term in office on global relations
  • Should Banksy be allowed to graffiti on walls?

This qualification will enable learners to:

  • have significant input to the choice and design of their project and take responsibility for an individual task or a defined task within a group project
  • develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent learners
  • develop and apply decision making and, where appropriate, problem solving skills
  • extend their planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, and presentation skills
  • develop as e-confident learners and apply relevant technologies in their studies
  • develop and apply skills, creatively demonstrating initiative and enterprise
  • transfer skills developed as part of their project to other areas of study
  • use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for further education and/or career development.

How will this subject be delivered?

Students will choose one of the following:

  • Dissertation
  • Investigation/field study
  • Performance or artefact

As part of their project, learners will have the opportunity to seek advice or guidance from a specialist or expert in their project area and they will also be mentored by the subject leader on a weekly basis.

How is it assessed?

The EPQ can be completed over one or two years, and is assessed by a tutor-assessor from within the centre and externally moderated by Pearson. In order to pass the qualification, the learner is required to present evidence for assessment that demonstrates what they are able to do. Evidence will be graded A*–E.

Subject specific entry requirements

Minimum of GCSE grade 5 in English or Humanities.


An EPQ will help you develop a useful range of extra study skills, helping you prepare for the demands of university work. The qualification enables students to acquire up to 28 UCAS points. It is valued by higher education institutions as it demonstrates your dedication to independent learning and is often included in offers made by institutions to applicants.

Additional costs relating to this course

There may be additional costs associated with this course.

Level: LEVEL 3