Why choose this subject?

Philosophy and Ethics is a subject that by its nature requires students to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues. The subject is suitable for anyone who enjoys thinking critically, playing with abstract concepts and challenging received wisdom. Philosophers ask fundamental questions about our own nature, and of the world we live in. It is a challenging and exciting process, helping students to grow and develop intellectually while developing valuable and transferable skills in analysis, imagination, problem solving and communication. Highly regarded by universities, the subject involves a study of philosophical, theological and ethical theories which underpin and structure our world today.

How will this subject be delivered?

Component 1: A Study of Religion
The study in component 1 prepares students so that they can apply philosophical and ethical themes to a world faith. There will be four themes:
• religious figures and sacred texts
• religious concepts and religious life
• significant social and historical developments in religious thought
• religious practices and religious identity

Component 2: Philosophy of Religion
There will be four themes within this component:
• arguments for the existence of God
• challenges to religious belief
• religious experience
• religious language

Component 3: Ethics
There will be four themes within this component:
• ethical thought
• deontological ethics
• teleological ethics
• determinism and free will

How is it assessed?

Assessment will be based on three written exams, one exam per component. There will be no assessed course work.

Subject specific entry requirements?

Ideally you will have gained a grade 6 or above in GCSE Philosophy & Ethics and must have GCSE grade 5 or above in English.


Progression to higher education and employment – A level Philosophy & Ethics is a pathway to careers in various sectors. An understanding of such ideas is essential to an engagement with key themes in politics, law, medicine, education, human rights and religion.

Additional costs relating to this course

Students may find it beneficial to purchase their own books for this subject.

Level: A LEVEL

Board: WJEC